Welcome! This site is dedicated to giving information about Blakecoin mining, including a GPU miner, instructions for setting up wallets, information about pools, and more.

You can click on ‘Miner’ above to be redirected to the download page for a blake(8,10)-based reaper fork. Original code by mtrlt, Blakecoin-related modifications made by smolen.

The download will probably be a little slow, please bear with me. 🙂

Currently, there are no Blakecoin pools, and therefore you must configure your Blakecoin wallet to allow solo-mining. There are more in-depth instructions about this on the Miner page as well.

Blakecoin is a new coin, based on a finalist for the SHA-3 hashing algorithm competition. The Blake algorithm takes less time to compute than the classical SHA256.

I am currently working on a GUI frontend for reaper, which will be released fairly soon (this weekend?). No promises.

You can learn more about the Blake hashing algorithm at Wikipedia or at the Official Website.

This website, soon, will also include some basic network statistics, such as block count, difficulty, etc.